The NSW Pro-Choice Alliance, led by the Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL), represents expert legal, health and community voices from across the state. We are campaigning to remove abortion from the NSW Crimes Act and to ensure that abortion is regulated like any other health procedure.

The NSW Crimes Act came into force 119 years ago. The Act criminalises women who access abortion and health practitioners who perform or assist in a procedure, with a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment.

NSW is the only state or territory in Australia not to have modernised its laws pertaining to termination of pregnancy. Medical practice, societal expectation, and our understanding of human rights and personal freedoms have all changed profoundly over the last 119 years. It’s time our parliament recognise these changes by adopting legislation that will regulate abortion as a health procedure, rather than treating it as a crime.

We believe that laws criminalising abortion are the single largest barrier to abortion access and reproductive choice in NSW. These laws particularly impact upon women in lower socio-economic and marginalised communities, and those living in rural and regional areas.